The Nest Audio Space at Alppila

NOTE: Not looking for new members at the moment!

The Nest is a space for music work of all kinds: rehearsal space, studio work, sound design. It is located in Alppila, very close to Alppipuisto and Konepaja.

The space is divided in three spaces (main room, project room and storage space) and is about 50m2 big and more than just a place to work and practice, it has been thought as a space of creation and collaboration, a space for musicians and anybody interested in music to meet and exchange ideas (although reservations for solo or specific projects are always respected, of course).

The place includes PA and an audio station to which you only need to connect your laptop to start working.

The Nest is located in Alppitalo and although the room has not been treated acoustically, the surroundings are peaceful enough to do all kinds of recordings, including vocals. Louder noises (drums, group practices) should take place after office hours, i.e. from 16 onwards.

If this is the kind of place you would like to work in, we are looking for tenants, so please do get in touch with us, come visit and join us!

Price is 100€ per month per tenant (plus one month of deposit; key copy at own cost).

Huom! This also means that the place is probably better suited to small bands or people working on individual projects.

Who you are and what you do?: We are a group of musicians engaged in different band/solo projects.
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Shared working space
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Meeting space / Event venue
Atelier / Workshop / Studio
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Audio / Music
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Tags: music; audio; music studio; rehearsal
Listing created Oct 22, 2017