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About Mushrooming is a service that lets you discover coworking spaces and creative professionals. 

- Create a "Renting Out" listing, if you are currently renting out spaces. It is easy to change into other listings and back, for example when you want to stay visible but do not have spaces to rent.
- "Looking for space" listing lets you announce your wishes for a space.
- "Coworking space" is a listing for you to present who you are and what you do.
- Similarly "Creative center" is to present your collective that is larger and more versatile than coworking.
- "Residency" is to present workspaces that can also provide accommodation.
- "Vacant space" is to let others know about an empty building or space that you have found.

Use of is free of charge

Whether you are looking for a desk to rent,  a new member to share your workspace, need a designer’s help or just want see where people are and what they do, explore!

Mushrooming is developed and run non-commercially and voluntarily by Mushrooming association. We want to promote small creative businesses and cultivate a culture of coworking, networking and sharing. We want to keep it experimental and see what happens when creative minds get together and go public. We think that sets us apart from other coworking services.

Mushrooming was started in Helsinki 2010, but is now taking new steps: fresh groups are established in other Finnish cities and internationally. Network of Mushrooming is growing bottom-up and thus has a lovely un-predictable variety of places, from smitheries to yoga rooms, and people, from artists to physiotherapists. This is the attitude we want to keep: let the network grow open also to functions we do not yet know!

Find a workspace 

Do you need space for freelancing, meetings, a project or leisure activity – temporarily or permanently? Search Mushrooming for locations, amenities or other keywords and browse for workspaces! You can also try out and get to know people by renting a place for a day or a week. Being nomade you can pop in different cities.

Work together

As an independent freelancer or a distant worker, you may miss working alongside others and having better facilities. Coworking means sharing facilities with other independent workers. They share expenses and a social working life with colleagues or other professionals – and perhaps even begin to incubate new innovations together as a consequence. Find your coworking community in!

Find coworkers for your workspace

Do you have a workspace that could fit one or two users more? Or could you rent out your place for other purposes during week-ends or evenings? Make a profile of your workspace collective, list rentable units and remember to post a link also to the local Facebook group (see more below). You can keep the profile of the workspace on these pages even after you do not have any places to offer just at the moment.  People change in coworking communities every now and then, here you can activate the new search for a member easily. While making the profile of your shared workspace you might find it usefull to tell a little more of what you do and if you have services to offer, in regards to the following paragraph.

Discover professionals

Do you need an architect’s sketches for your new flat? Graphics for your event poster? Team members for your project? Search for them in Mushrooming. You may find somebody who can deliver even small assignments flexibly and his or hers studio might be just around the corner.

Relaxed communication & sharing

See also the local groups in Facebook:  

Helsinki  Turku  Tampere  Jyväskylä

Lots of the activities supporting coworking culture happen in these groups. You can post your listing to the local group to gain extra visibility. You can also make more complex enquiries or find out about current discussions and happenings. If your city does not yet have a local group, contact us (contacts.mushrooming(at), let’s make it together!

Team Mushrooming

Hannu Aarniala – art direction, graphic design, UX+UI design (2012-2020)

Elina Alatalo – coordination, organisation, research, elina.alatalo(at), +358 44 256 9936
Mia-Elina Aintila – organisation
Kimmo Koivisto – coordination, organisation
Heikki Hyppänen – web assistant (2012-2015)
Mikko Mutanen – service consepting and web design consultant (2012-2018)
Ossi Pirkonen – character design, illustrations, logo design (2012-2015)
Ilkka Törmä – forefather of the Network, organisation
Inari Virkkala – co-ordination, organisation,, +358 40 574 1926 

Thanks to our supporters

2012 The Finnish Cultural Foundation, regional funds

2015 The Foundation of Greta and William Lehtinen

2016 The Cultural Services of City of Tampere

2017 The Finnish Cultural Foundation, central fund

2019 Dwellers in Agile Cities -research project

2020 The Council of Tampere Region

2021-2022 Monoma Finland

Monoma Finland enables the operation of service.

See here the spaces listed by Monoma in Mushrooming.

Read more about Monoma:

2016    ARS - Artists' residency swap
2022   108 Kulttuurikioski