The Castle "Slottet" Slottsbacken 8

Welcome to The Castle!

We are a collaborative workspace, a co-working space. We strive to be a space open to a wide range of different companies, organisations and personalities. A space where the community who spends their time here feels safe and welcome.

We are accommodating many wonderful people and there's a wide mix of organisations/companies represented. You can find everything from circus artists and performers, painters and musicians to developers, investors and IT startups within the walls of The Castle.

What we offer:

Flexible desk
Access to all the flexible desks at any time you choose. There are 80 flexible seats to choose from and they all have a different feeling. For example you could be working standing up at the top floor in the morning, have a lunch meeting in the café and spend the afternoon sitting in the golden halls from the 17th century.

When you leave the desk you've been working at you remove the things you used and bring them with you or put them in your personal storage.

Price 2015: 380 EUR
Price 2016: 400 EUR

2 days/week flexible desk
As the Flexible desk above but limited to 2 times per week. This means you can work from The Castle 2 times per week, you could spend 1 or 14 hours working, but limited to 2 times per week.

Price 2015: 200 EUR
Price 2016: 250 EUR

Fixed desk
A fixed desk membership means that you have a dedicated desk that is yours. Great if you want to be able to leave your things on your desk and find them the same way the next morning or if you have a stationary computer or an external monitor.

Price 2015: 520 EUR
Price 2016: 580 EUR

We have conference rooms, yoga hall, a gym, a café, our own art studio and hundreds of desks spread accross the five floors.

For pictures:

Per hour
Per day
Per month
Shared working space
Dedicated desk
Private office
Meeting space / Event venue
Atelier / Workshop / Studio
Practice hall
ARS - Artist Residency Swap
Rough Work Allowed
Noisy Work Allowed
Chill / Lounge Area
Storage Space
Meeting Room
Scanner / Printer
Wi-Fi / Internet
24/7 option
Coffee / Tea
Pets Allowed
Contacts: Jesper Lejfjord,, +46708351920, Jesper Lindmarker,, +46738351947
Listing created Nov 9, 2015