Vuori (Social Sound Workspace)

Vuori is a social sound workspace in Vallila. We are not a fully equipped sound recording studio or a band rehearsal space, but a mixture of a calm (but not dead) living room and relaxed concentration of personal laptop studios.

If you enjoy a relaxed coffeeshop-like atmosphere with occasional background music, and absolute undisturbed tranquility is not a non-negotiable requisite for you, then Vuori may be just the the workspace you need to get things done.

Currently our crew consists of musicians, sound designers, artists and a record manufacturing business (good cd/vinyl production deals for studio crew!) but anyone who wants to work in a space infused with magical and experimental music and sounds is welcome. There is a possibility for an own workstation but common tables are encouraged.

We do organize small culture events every now and then: concerts, listening clubs, tea tastings, performances etc.

In the coming weeks we are also reorganizing one of our rooms into a small music rehearsal space, which can be used for not-too-loud band rehearsals. Currently we have been using the space for recordings.

And last but not least, we also have an access to a small woodwork studio and a weekly sauna!

The rent is 180€ and it includes everything from wifi to sauna to coffee and tea. Check details below.

Who you are and what you do?: designers, artists, musicians, instrument builders
Per hour
Per day
Per month
Shared working space
Dedicated desk
Private office
Meeting space / Event venue
Atelier / Workshop / Studio
Practice hall
ARS - Artist Residency Swap
Field of work:
Fine arts
Performing arts
Audio / Music
Rough Work Allowed
Noisy Work Allowed
Chill / Lounge Area
Storage Space
Meeting Room
Scanner / Printer
Wi-Fi / Internet
24/7 option
Coffee / Tea
Pets Allowed
Contacts:, +358452069045
Tags: sound, music, helsinki, vallila, custom, instruments, design, soundtrack, recording, record label
Listing created Jan 8, 2016