Workspaces in a cultural space // Vallila !

Looking for an inspirational work space?

QUERQ ry is located in industrial Vallila, Nilsiänkatu 10.
Right now working in our spaces are cinematographers, writers, painters, designers, photographers and performance artists. We also serve as an event or workshop space for events that fit with our values and safer spaces ideology. This autumn we have weekly butoh & pole jams in our space. Thursdays we share office hours together in "Qffice".

We have few options to rent out:

- Desktop spaces 125€/month

- Hourly based possibility to use shared workspace (in the pictures) 100€/month

- 1 room, ~20 m2 (no windows) 400€/month

Rent includes electricity, water & internet. Renters can use kitchen and big common room when it's available. It's also possible to organise bigger events in the big common space.

We are prioritising people who are excited to join and develop our community. It is also preferable that you resonate with our mission to unravel taboos and stigmas with feminist, queer, spiritual and critical approaches. All renters and people entering the space agree on our safer spaces policy (read here:

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Or a versatile event space?

We can do it! We're open for earth's orbit soirees, wintery snuggling festivals, bagpipe workshops, or pre-xmas parties, dances, data backup lan-parties or no-pants-days or anything in between and beyond.

Space rent is negotiable according to the nature of the event.

The spaces available are the main hall/workshop space, corner room (which functions as a small mirror hall), kitchen and open office. The furniture can be moved around and the space can be decorated for the event. We've got colorful lights, a smoke machine, projector, projector screen and stereos. Loud events can be organised between 18:00-07:00.

Send us an event application:

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Who you are and what you do?: QUERQ ry maintains a quirky cultural space at Nilsiänkatu 10, Helsinki. It focuses on exploring intimacy, along with artistic expression, sex positivity and personal development. Event-venue and Co-working-Facility.
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Listing created Nov 28, 2019