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How it works

How to list your space?

- Create a "Workspace profile" for a general presentation of your workspace
- Create a "Renting Out" listing, if you are currently renting out spaces. Easy to change into a Workspace Profile and back.

Listing FAQ

Who can list spaces in Mushrooming?

- Everybody who wants to share their workspace and thus to share also the expenses. You might get new friends and build professional network at the same time too!

What does it cost to list a space?

- Listing spaces and getting inquiries from potential new co-workers is free.

How to list multiple pricing options for a listing?

- There are two ways: 1) List your workspace multiple times with all pricing options you want to make available. 2) Communicate different prices in the listing description

If there is no space to rent for a moment?

- We encourage you to keep your signing up to active  and either 1) to change the listing to Workspace profile or 2) simply close your listing, all your data of the listing stays for your use, and open the listingagain when the need to rent comes again.

On what features is the development crew of the service working next?
- There is the need to create a stabile profile of workroom.
- In connection to this profile we need the possibility of creating multiple listings of different spaces or workingposts to be rented out.
- We need a clear sign about whether a workroom has space available at the moment or not.

Need more help?
- Contact Sharetribe directly or